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now i’m thinking about rap


2 rap songs i remembered today

play them back to back.

that didn’t hit right

you don’t fuckin know me


why are you here? are you sad? you don’t have something exciting to go do? does your exciting life bore you to tears? you just want to lurk on my weblog? you want to take away all that is mine, and use it for your own selfish escapades? your fetishized boredom. you want me under your thumb? a speck of dust scorned on your mantle. am i here because you are too lazy to wipe me off the face of this earth? or is this your cruel terrarium? how have i offended you?

oh you just want to download clyde borly’s record from me. like nothing happened. sure. here it is.

hello fantasy day of adventure and intrigue. please suck a fat disgusting dick, die and never come back to life. you’ll be aight tho.

anybody want a pizza?

previously… p-i-z-z-a

La La La

here’s something else for you leeches. listen to “bantu”. listen to the whole god damn album for all i care.

the band: el chicles. the album: la la la.

download it or eat shit and puke on your fancy shoes, shithead.


get it? guh…. (more…)

tropa macaca

i like this band. and i also enjoy this blog. click over to download some of their stuff. be sure to follow exp etc for a shit ton of cool shit, son. 100, aight tho?