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been trying to walk home from school for ten years!!

hand to god

i’ve been meaning to listen to this album for a few years now, and up to this point i’ve managed not to. there’s just too much good music out in the world. yesterday i rolled it out. and that was that. you gotta hear this record- a true psych masterpiece!


i’m gonna miss ya

stark reality

from tv. from boston. from 1968. it gets very different at the 4-minute mark.


download the song, if you love it. play it at your next dj gig, like i plan to.

meatloaf?? uhhh!?- put it in the pizza.

killin’ it!

charisma out the seams


today’s download is a compilation of jean-pierre massiera productions, psychoses disco├»d (1976-1981)


here’s a few selections from si schroeder’s album, coping mechanisms