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the don!

here go my main dude, don. the superdude! the overtime man! doin the patty duke with your old lady, on the graveyard shaft. great stuff for you to listen to, ya bimbo!

get down!

i wan you lissin dis

horror city

always been a huge prince paul fan. from psychoanalysis to prince among thieves, de la soul, handsome boy modeling school and on. prince among thieves is the one that really got me. breeze brewin and sha just had the storytelling and charisma that i needed at the time. anyway, the doo doo man just leaked this into the ether…


listen to “War Party”

listen up

leaving ep

been listening to this ra cailum shit. you’s could check it out too. gahead…

good old fashioned gags!

good old fashioned gags!