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give ‘em the business!


here goes a quick download.  what we have is a few different mixes of “mind your own business” by delta 5, including the original.  

this post is brought to you by the onslaught of dj gigs i have on the horizon.  

starting with:  SUNDAY MAY 30, 2010!  at Heather’s on 13th Street/Avenue A in Manhattan

ending with:  SATURDAY JUNE 5, 2010! at Daddy’s on Graham Ave/Frost St in Brooklyn

the former will be with my new group Popular Club (myself and dj gay ass necklace), and the latter with the mutli-collaboratorial friend and social prodigy, taha landocakes.

i’d love it if you showed out to one, the other, or even both!  great times and great drinks!  anyhow, here goes your stupid download…

slinky rammell

found this today at expetc

this is my mellow they call the rammell

click through for some ikonoklast panzerism!


peace god for real. . .

peace god for real, not a spook, nor a ghost…


name the album, i left the label too.

but yo…

lets make this interesting.

i want the tumblr folk to reply through tumblr.*

those of you non tumblr peoples, comment on the site.

(and you twitter heads, yall fell off 80 characters ago.)

im riding with tumblr on this one. [ by atleast 10]

*likes/reblogs do not count.