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bobby byrd, here to tell you. . .

bobby byrd, here to tell you how i feels.

dance floor melters!

ata kak “daa nyinaa”

liev tuk “rom sue sue”

the light brothers “booty in the air”

long gone and out of this world

norma tanega, goes in right here.  i know, it’s complicated for you to believe anything i type up.  you think you really got it all figured out.  you’re the guy that changes the channel when everybody is wrapped up in the show.  well fuck you.

you god damn pain in the ass.  give it a rest.  go ahead and get this and play it.  and pay attention to whatever it is you think you’re good at doing.  or, for that matter, doing good at.   hell if i care, play it at work, suckcocker.  yea.

don’t be stupid.  norma tries a few things, maybe you not gonna like so much.  but she go in tho.  aight, and you gonna realize that, even if you’re as dense as you seem.  i mean this in the nicest way possible.  so if you don’t believe me, holla at this.

don’t front.  she’s cute too.  i like how she seems unsure about making some silly video.  that’s widdup!

click me click me click me!

norma paints!

click me click me click me!

back to the beginning again

here goes madlib.  mixing it up.  mind fusion volume two.